Company Announcements

New Arbee Associate Employee – Crytal Rhubottom 1770×980

Crystal Rhubottom Joins Arbee Associates as Business Development Manager

Arbee Associates is excited to announce that Crystal Rhubottom has joined our Maryland team as Business Development Manager. Crystal will support the Architecture, Design, and Real Estate community within the Greater DC area, translating client goals into enhanced spatial applications. Crystal’s previous experience includes a background in interior design and manufacturer representation in both flooring…

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Employee Spotlight: Naomi Schiff Jirari

Naomi Schiff Jirari, Account Executive What do you enjoy most about working in this industry?   I have always loved interior design, color theory, and architecture, even as a child. I chased my dream and landed on a career path where I can practice design and engage with my clients, daily. I also love working for…

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Arbee Associates Welcomes Anthony Sims

Introducing Anthony Sims, Director of Sales Arbee Associates is happy to announce the addition of Anthony Sims as Director of Sales serving the New Jersey market. Anthony will oversee our team and efforts to engage with key clients and partners across New Jersey. With his years of experience focused on helping clients achieve their space…

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Arbee Achieves 2019 Premier Partner Award

Arbee Associates is proud and honored to be recognized once again as a Steelcase Premier Partner for meeting high-quality and performance standards

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Arbee Associates is partnering with SERVPRO to provide our clients with a safe work and learning environment

Arbee Associates is excited to announce a new partnership with SERVPRO for office disinfection and cleaning services.

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Employee Spotlight: Kiesha Paul

Kiesha Paul, A&D Business Development Manager What do you enjoy most about working in this industry?   First, the opportunity to see a project from the very beginning to the end. Second, there is never a dull moment, businesses take furniture very seriously. where do you get your best work done?   I get my best…

Covid Announcement

An important COVID-19 update from Arbee Associates

Outlined below are critical updates regarding Arbee Associates’ actions and operating status as we manage the continuously evolving impacts of COVID-19:  Operating Status Arbee Associates is open and operational. A large portion of our workforce is working remotely from home. Our offices in Maryland and New Jersey are closed in accordance with state mandates and…

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Employee Spotlight: Julia Whitacre

Julia Whitacre, A&D New Business Development Manager What do you enjoy most about working in this industry?   I enjoy surrounding myself with like-minded people that are passionate about design. where do you get your best work done?   I get my best work done when I am working in a small group setting with my…


Arbee Associates Welcomes Samantha Haugh

Introducing Samantha Haugh, Vice President of Client Engagement We are thrilled to announce the addition of Samantha Haugh to the Arbee Associates leadership team as Vice President of Client Engagement. Samantha will lead our teams focused on the Architecture and Design community, the Corporate Real Estate Community, and Brand and Marketing. Additionally, Samantha will oversee…

Kelly Jo Hancock, Director of Special Projects

Employee Spotlight: Kelly Hancock

Arbee Associates Employee Spotlight: Kelly Hancock, Director of Special Projects What do you enjoy most about working at Arbee Associates?   I enjoy the team culture. We are all committed to providing our clients with a great experience. While our experience and knowledge levels are different, we learn from one another. This allows us to…


Employee Spotlight: Ellen Berkowitz

Ellen Berkowitz, Principal What do you enjoy most about working at Arbee Associates? Working with my family and everyone else at Arbee Associates. It’s an extended family for me. I am fascinated by everyone else’s  strengths –  how designers see things, how Installers can fix things, and so forth. I also love working with customers…

Ali Schoen

Employee Spotlight: Ali Schoen

Ali Schoen, Director of Design What do you enjoy most about working at Arbee Associates? Working with people that have been with the company for 15+ years. Working with people for that long creates a sense of family. What has been your favorite project or most memorable client experience? Working on the US Pharmacopeia project. It…

Industry News and Blog

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