Asset Management

Arbee’s comprehensive Asset Management Program tracks our customers’ furniture assets to maximize the re-use of their furniture assets and transform disorganized office furniture storage into organized office furniture inventories.

Our trained experts can perform on-site furniture asset management inventories to identify product, manufacturer, sizes, finishes, and locations. Our automated furniture asset management system accurately tracks all your furniture assets, new furniture, current inventory, and product removed from inventory. With our CAD/CAP capabilities, we can produce as-built drawings for a variety of facility management purposes.

Asset Management includes:

  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Web-based Solutions
  • Internet Access to your Assets
  • Design Specifications
  • Bar-Coded Technology

Arbee has an experienced staff of Asset Management specialists to handle your furniture inventories. We can provide extensive furniture asset management reports tailored to each customer’s individual needs.

Storage and Warehousing

With the rising cost of commercial office space, many companies are seeking low-cost solutions for their office furniture warehousing needs. Arbee’s furniture warehousing facilities are fully equipped to meet any company’s long-term storage requirements for office furniture surplus. Arbee professionals can also manage on-site inventory to satisfy more immediate furniture needs.

Arbee’s furniture warehousing facilities in Beltsville, MD and Piscataway, NJ have been designed specifically to store and manage office furniture and related products. We offer 250,000 square feet of combined racked storage space for furnishings, equipment and documents. In addition, our competitive furniture warehousing pricing allows customers to implement stocking programs to quickly satisfy employee demands for products such as ergonomic seating, keyboard trays, and worktools.

All items are bar-coded and placed by hand in racked storage bays. The facilities are climate-controlled and include state-of-the-art security systems so you know your assets are safe and protected. Our facilities are fully staffed with warehouse personnel, inventory specialists, and management and administration staff.


Arbee maintains a fleet of (12) trucks and vans throughout the company in addition to our fleet of materials handling equipment which includes order pickers, forklifts and pallet jacks. Our Distribution Scheduler and our Director of Operations, maintain this fleet ensuring that all drivers and operators are properly trained in safe operating practices and in compliance with OSHA regulations. In addition to the equipment owned by the company, we have agreements in place with leasing companies to provide vehicles and materials handling equipment on both long term and short term agreements in support of our business needs.