Our Ultimate Guide: How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Office Furniture

Redecorating your office has never been this easy with our ultimate guide to choosing the best ergonomic office furniture.

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office storage solutions

Product Spotlight: Office Storage Solutions to Stay Organized

Office storage solutions do not have to be about putting things away but can serve as a way to promote collaboration and productivity.

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office lighting

Remember These Important Office Lighting Tips

Remember these important office lighting tips when planning how to efficiently add lighting to your workplace environment.

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outgrowing your office

Signs You Are Outgrowing Your Office

These tips will help you identify whether your business or team is outgrowing your office space, which can have a significant impact on productivity.

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digital world

3 Useful Tips to Leading a Team in A Digital World

Leading a team in a complex digital world makes it both complicated and challenging pressures. Here are 3 useful tips to leading a team in a digital world.

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Office Renaissance

The Office Renaissance and How You Can Join

An office renaissance is happening. The office is now expected to be a place that simply overflows with creativity, collaboration, and an energetic culture.

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Office Manners

Strong Office Manners You Should Absolutely Implement

Office manners are not only complimenting to your culture but can define what it means for your team to be happily productive.

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Concentration Can Be Hard Work – How to Find Focus in the Office

Employees in North America, for instance, lose 86 minutes per day due to a variety of interruptions in the workplace, and according to a recent study from Steelcase, only 58 percent of workers reported being able to work in teams without being disturbed.

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Is Your Office Undermining Your Wellbeing?

It pays to have a doctor in the family. I should know- my brother is a doctor. It wasn’t until after I spoke with him – and had a candid conversation with myself – did I realize the connection between having health and the ability to do my job well.

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Why education is in need of a sandwich

It is amazing to see how many people globally are actively making changes in the delivery of education for the better. And they do so with such passion. It was also refreshing to see how many people believe and share our thinking around the Steelcase Education Solution framework titled an Active Learning Ecosystem [ALES].

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health care solutions

Time for Change; Positive Disruption to the Medical Cocoon

Every year 187,000 people die from medical errors and hospital-acquired infections in the United States. In fact, it is the third highest cause of death. To make matters worse, among the advanced economies of the world, the U.S. spends the most on healthcare with one of the worst outcomes, ranking 46th in efficiency.

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neourban hipster office desktop

Are You Meeting the New Standards of Sustainability?

If you think sustainability is just about the environment, then you may be surprised. Sustainability is something that we as a company have strived to understand more over the years, even as our hometown – the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan – has become one of the greenest communities in the United States.

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Delivering the Workplace as a Hospitality Brand

Brands are meant to communicate values and make bold promises. Great brands proclaim aspirational values that can inspire customers to lifelong loyalty. At the recent Corenet Global Summit of corporate real estate executives, I presented a strategic framework for delivering the corporate workplace as a great hospitality brand.

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